February 3, 2009

Things to note…

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1. Greasegate

What we’ve learned:  The state athletic commissions need to clarify and reword their rules on who the hell can carry around vaseline in the cage, ring, backyard, parking lot, wherever a sanctioned bout is occuring.  Was it outcome changing? No, I’m a huge BJ Penn fanboy and have the UFC 94 Cornerman shirt, MMA Book of Knowledge, and desktop wallpaper to show for it, and GSP is too talented, well trained, athletic, strong, blah blah blah.

2. What this means for GSP and Baby Jay

GSP is going to dominate 170 until Alves crushes him, and once BJ gets his mind made up he’s going to make a ton of money coaching, training, etc. or he’s going to go and have a potential fight of the year with KenFl…no I’m not typing that; Kenny Florian

3.  Ian Freeman tax evasion

Almost made me change this column to “Things to ignore…”

4. Joe Lauzon feuds

I liked him better as the IT guy who fights from TUF 5.  This UG feud stuff is hilarious, but J-Lau…no I’m not typing that either; Joe Lauzon is much cooler as the methodical gangly dude.  (See Dustin Hazelett and Tamdan McCrory)

5.  The WEC adding flyweights/losing welters

I’m psyched, I really am, but I think there is enough television worthy talent out there to keep welterweights in the WEC.  Being a “feeder” league isn’t a bad thing.  Keep the guys, move in some of the UFC guys who are lower ranked and build the WEC brand and future stars.  Carlos Condit vs. Chris Lytle, Gono, or Anthony Johnson would be huge WEC fights.


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