February 4, 2009

Applying market segmentation principles to MMA

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My studies of demand management and various friendly discussions have led to the creation of a fan segmentation system for MMA.  The utility is in cultivating existing fans and developing new fans.  More specific definitions are open to debate.

Tier 1:

The hardcore of the hardcore, tier 1 fans spend significant money on the sport on merchandise, ppvs, and the like.  This tier includes fighters, insiders, company employees, and people who train various disciplines related to the sport (aikido fanboys need not apply).  The tier 1 has signifcant interest in seeing the sport grow, knowledge about fighters and techniques, and is usually trying to convince others to watch MMA.

Tier 2:

“Educated fans” is the baseline description of this group.  Tier 2 observers are regular viewers of events, knowledgable, and are more than willing to talk shop.  These fans are not as financially vested in the sport.  They usually don’t scout the web for information related to MMA other than occasional visits to Sherdog on company time.

Tier 3:

These folks are more than happy to watch an event, attend one live, and will catch news of MMA occasionally.  Financially they are barely vested in the sport.  These particular fans know  some fighters (mostly mainstream UFC or other orgs), but are not familiar on many of the younger guys, or fighters at lighter weight classes.

Tier 4:

Disinterested punks.  Need I say more.


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