March 2, 2009

WEC Thoughts

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Thoughts regarding the event last night:

-McCullough v. Hicks was kind of sad.  Here you have 2 guys that are normally fun to watch totally crap the bed.  Hicks had a near finish in the 2nd round with a nice punch that dropped Razor, so does he follow up with some more shots to end the fight or setup the submission.  No, he goes straight for the guillotine, wastes a ton of energy, and allows Razor Rob to regain his bearings.  I appreciate the desire to finish fights, but sometimes, we can get ahead of ourselves.  Otherwise, the remaining battle was Hicks trying to survive on reserve power, and Razor Rob dancing warming up for his afterparty (he did almost finish the fight himself).

-Jose Aldo got his expected win, but was the fight stopped too early?  Cue the Koscheck/Thiago debate all over again.  Instead, I’d like to focus on the fact that Chris Mickle, a veteran from Iowa, who has compiled a record of 26-12 (most losses against former/current UFC talent) for some reason raises his chin and pushes it out while standing.  His hands dropping while his chin is flailing about like a child with a streamer on their birthday only magnifies this dangerous practice.

-Damacio Page is very reserved and thoughtful in his strategy.

-Mike Brown is an animal.  Brown v. Faber II is going to be good.

-Jens Pulver was pretty decent for a first timer (in a nationally televised event that is).  I hope he hangs around.


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