March 9, 2009

I was Wrong

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Anyone reading my predictions regarding UFC 96 could clearly see that I was wrong for the most part.  Thankfully Rampage, Vera (I refuse to use his silly nickname), and the Barn Cat (I will always use his silly nickname) came through for me.  There are some movements to come about because of these fights:

– Shane Carwin has gone from scrub buffer to legitimate heavyweight threat.  I see him as a top contender to the Lesnar and Mir  winner.

-Napao is a good heavyweight, I honestly thought from the beginning of his fight with Carwin that he was going to style Carwin.  I think in 2 years we’ll realize a loss to Carwin is akin to a loss against Anderson Silva or GSP; it’s nothing to be ashamed about.

-I’ll end my Carwin hype train by saying to beat this guy you have to be big, fast, strong, technically sound, and you can’t get hit.  Pretty simple strategy here.

-Keith Jardine deserves some props as well.  He fought a good strategy against Rampage, and had it not been for the knockdown at the end of the third round we could’ve seen a different decision.

-Rampage and Rashad’s staredown and smack talk was awesome, I am incredibly hyped for a title fight between these two.  If the same Rampage shows up that showed up against Jardine, then I see Rashad taking it.  There are some pending issues with this fight.  It would give Rampage  roughly an 8 week camp against a fresh Rashad, and Rampage was not very enthusiastic about fighting again in late May.  The story here from the broadcast is that if Rampage wants more than 8 weeks to prep for a title shot, then Lyoto Machida has already agreed verbally to fight.  Both scenarios are wins.

-The Matt Brown/Pete Sell/Yves Lavigne execution.  Arguably the best ref out there right now.  One mistake.  Sell was beat, that’s for sure, but it’s not like Brown was allowed to hold a choke for an additional 10 secs. or landed 2 more shots on an unconscious Sell.  Lavigne was indecisive, but every weekend there’s a controversy about stoppages – Koscheck, this particular fight, Jose Aldo, etc.  It’s getting tiresome considering there’s no new content in these debates, and nothing is being changed as a result.  MMA reffing is subjective, sometimes inconsistent, and mistakes do occur.  These are chances to improve the officials, criteria, and training amongst the guys regulating fights.  There are more fights handled properly than there are fights that are mishandled.

-Matt Hamill is improving, would anybody ever pick him on a knockout via kick that he wasn’t on the receiving end of?  Still, he has a long way to go.


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