March 9, 2009

Maybe We Should Agree to Disagree

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First, here is the source article and quote, from the entertaining, professional, and all around nice guy Michael Rome:

Gray Maynard got another ugly win.  He had some nice body shots, and as soon as it was clear Miller couldn’t get him down the outcome was inevitable.  I still think Maynard has a long way to go though before he can hang with someone like BJ Penn.

First, I agree with Michael Rome on a ton of MMA issues, but here I think he is flat out wrong.  Gray Maynard won a decision against a talented prospect who has been climbing the lightweight ranks.  Maynard’s take down defense early on in the fight was excellent, he got out of dodge when Miller went for a kneebar (teehee), and he stuck to the plan.  What plan was that?  Why to use his improved striking skill to totally control and dominate the fight.

I was totally unprepared for the fight that Gray fought, his skill improvement, and evolution as a fighter.  When fighters add to their games, it truly is fun to watch.  Gray’s striking looked improved in every facet (experts may correct me here).  He may not be ready to hang with BJ, but Gray is going to cause problems for anyone he faces.  There wasn’t anything ugly about it.


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