March 10, 2009

Tim Sylvia, let’s play the quiet game…

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Source material @ MMAWeekly

Ridiculous Quote:

“I’m jumping in the deep end,” he chuckled. “I never have (done things half way). Look at the heavyweight (MMA) division; I’ve fought about seven of the Top 10. So I might as well jump right in there and fight a guy that’s ranked in the Top 20 in the world.”

Tim has fought about 7 of the top 10, as opposed to about 3 or possibly 6.  Let’s not forget you lost to most of those top guys Timmy.   The only way Ray Mercer is top 20 in the world is if he gets selected to go into the survival bunker pending nuclear holocaust.  Even then his ranking is entirely dependent on the number of people in the bunker.

Let’s not forget this is a professional boxing match.  Tim’s chances of winning here are the best he’s had in years.  Plus if Mercer manages to put Tim down (which has been done plenty) we won’t have to put up with his patented ‘slap my fists on the mat cause I got tapped again’ tantrum he throws after most fights.

P.S.  Tim, please fight again soon, I’ll always love to root against you.


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