March 19, 2009

Sengoku VII Picks and Commentary

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Starting with fight of the year candidate:

James Thompson over  “Big” Jim York – Gong and dash, Megapunk in a display of animalistic savagery seen only in the pages of “Good Housekeeping”.

LHW bout that could kill the career of a future star:

“King” Mo Lawal over Ryo Kawamura – Kawamura has some power in his hands, but the Murfreesboro, TN native should continue his ascent towards being known as Rampage: The Next Generation.

Featherweight GP Opening Round Bouts:

Hatsu Hioki over Chris Manuel – easily Hioki, and Chris Manuel has a name similar to a 1980s era WWE jobber.  I said jobber for all you smarts out there.

Hideki Kadowaki over Nam Phan – Kadowaki has submitted Rumina Sato which is no easy feat, not to mention Nam Phan is inconsistent at best.

LC Davis over Michihiro Omigawa – Davis looked decent in the few IFL bouts I’ve seen him in, not to mention his victory over Bao Quach.

Marlon Sandro over Matt Jaggers – Cool name aside, I see Sandro winning via decision.  Next!

Kim Jong Man v. Masanori Kanehara – No clue.

Shintaro Ishiwatari over Chan Sung Jung – I’ve played enought Call of Duty to know that zombies are only dangerous in numbers.

Ronnie Ushiwaka over Tetsuya Yamada – Experience is the deciding factor here, plus is Yamada is barely out of high school.

Nick “Ninja of Love” Denis over Seiya Kawahara – Watch Out!  Ninja!  Zombie expert ninja that is.  Hopefully this bracket doesn’t fall so that Ninja of Love faces Korean Zombie or there actually,  I hope that Ninja of Love faces Korean Zombie.  The columns will write themselves!

So, looking back at this card we have:


-Ninjas of Love

-Korean Zombies

-High School Kids

-WWE Jobbers

-James Thompson

I really wish I had HDNet.


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