March 26, 2009

Dude where’s my posts!?

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There’s not been anything remotely newsworthy, so I’m consolidating some of the small stuff….

….Speaking of small,  Bobby Lashley got his win over Ken Sham…er…Jason Guida.  Next.

Mayhem Miller hosts Bully Beatdown on MTV, and I wonder if it’s possible for the show to succeed for Mayhem’s sake while MTV fails for the world’s sake.  Next.

The long awaited rematch of Mike Brown and Urijah Faber takes place June 7th and it will be on Versus.  When Brown handles Faber, hopefully people whine about how Faber has been overrated all along and a bunch of other tedious whining.  If he loses, then he’s #2 at FW until he loses again for Miguel Torres moves up in weight.  Also, it’s kind of disappointing that Mike Brown doesn’t get more props than he does.   He’s a bad bad man, who fights smart, technical, and desires to improve.  I’m on the warwagon.

King Mo won, Ninja of Love will hopefully fight Korean Zombie in a battle for the ages, and Sengoku continues to put on entertaining cards.  I really wish I had HDNet.

Finally, Bloody Elbow has partnered with USA Today to publish MMA rankings every Thursday.  This is great MMA exposure, and I’m glad to see USA Today jumping in deeper with the growing sport.   Hopefully the rankings themselves will be solid…


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