March 30, 2009

USA Today/SB Nation Heavyweight

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Now the real game begins…


In my opinion, the most wildly inaccurate of the rankings.  Fedor at #1 is elementary, but Barnett and Arlovski at 2 and 3 are better than Dane Cooks entire schtick.  Barnett could very well drop MMA to go compete in puro and play Warhammer on Saturdays, and Arlovski just got KTFO.  Frank Mir is easily #2 right now, and I hate to say this, but Brock should be 3 or 4.  Crushing Randy and the Herring are not small feats in a thin division.  Then I’d drop in Nog and Barnett almost interchangably.  Then add Randy, Sylvia shouldn’t be on the list since he’s a boxer now (hahahahahahahah).  Oh yeah, then there’s Alistair Overeem who though losing a K-1 bout to Remy Bonjasky (nothing to be ashamed about) is transformed as a heavyweight and could conceivably crush anyone on the list and be much higher.  Werdum and Carwin could be higher as well.  I’d put Arlovski right behind Napao to be honest.  Beating Rothwell and Nelson aren’t exactly feats of champion magnitude.


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