April 2, 2009

Dana White is a Meaniehead

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Links to webwide hand wringing and general panty waisting:


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I’m already so over this manufactured outrage that I’m probably going shorten this post.  Seriously, let’s contact the UFC’s sponsors and have them fight our battles for us.  Let’s try and take down the only MMA promotion that has any semblance of legitimacy to the casual fan who only follows ESPN stories.  Let’s talk about how our feelings are hurt, or how it’s unbecoming for a private businessman to speak his mind regarding a what could possibly be a hit piece.  It’s all Dana’s fault.  It never stops.  Do the folks with Harley and Anheuser Busch InBev care?  Probably not.

Everyone I’ve seen has reacted to this video by laughing and joking.  Even some of the “targets” of this vile hate speech.  DW is a borderline WWE character, and guess what – it works.  Would I speak like that on a video camera?  Probably not, but at the same time, I don’t get all wound up because somebody doesn’t like somebody, because they have an opinion, or they use profanity.  The outrage is barely there and swept aside when DW drops the f-bomb, but one use of another word and Dana White is a homophobe misogynist?  Shame on you hypocrites.  Shame on you.


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