April 3, 2009

Bite the Hand That Feeds

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And in other news Dana White apologized for his offensive hate speech.  He succumbed to the pressure of big GLBT interests (food for thought).  When something you do or say gets demonized and makes ESPN, then you have to go into conservative mode.  Is it right that DW apologized?  Yes, no one wants to hurt the feelings of people based upon race, creed, sexuality, and so on…especially since it was obvious in the video that White wasn’t even speaking to, about, or regarding any particular group except Loretta Hunt and her “anonymous” source.  He didn’t apologize to Loretta Hunt.  He even tried to justify that he doesn’t attack unless attacked first. 

Dave Meltzer is saying that there won’t be any more video blogs, a reality show, and less presence from White in the future.  I’m not saying there should be lax accountability, but everytime the UFC, a private business, makes a business decicision that opposes the views of some of these writers then a new crusade is waged.

Where are the crusades when MMA does somthing positive – Fallen Heroes Fund anyone?  What about a campaign to get Mask in the UFC Hall of Fame?  Goran Reljic saving people from drowning?  If the sport is going to grow, the MMA media needs to push the good news as hard as the bad.  You can tell a positive upbeat story without it being a puff piece.


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