April 10, 2009

Slow News Week

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There’s not much happening right now after the busy past couple of weeks:

-Miguel Torres and Takeya Miyuzaki put on a fight of the year candidate last Sunday, but people giving the fight to Miyuzaki should get their vision checked.  Miyuzaki fought a great fight, had good strategy, and solid stamina (though he wilted a bit in the championship rounds).  Both competitors have solid chins, and Miyuzaki swung for the fences, and had demonstrated noticeable improvement in his standup.  Torres had trouble with Takeya at first, so what does he do?  He adapted, first by pulling guard.  When that didn’t work, he went to the clinch.  From the clinch he was able to dole out considerable punishment with dirty boxing and his muay thai skills.  Miyuzaki showed that he belonged, and I would love to see a rematch.  135 is looking more and more competitive with Bowles coming back soon, Benavidez winning over Curran, Miyuzaki being game against anyone, and even Jeff Curran is someone you want in the division.

-The UFC game demo was on and now it’s not on.   Please let it be a good game.

Anderson Silva doesn’t like Wanderlei’s drop to 185.  I’m glad he’s open to fighting his former training partner and possibly friend, but seriously, does Wanderlei really pose a threat to Anderson at this point?  Let’s see how he does against Rich Franklin.


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