April 12, 2009

So About Women’s MMA

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So Strikeforce was last night, and lots of suckers thought picking a middle aged man not named Randy Couture to win a fight against a game opponent was a good idea.  Let’s not even take into account that people were ignoring the fact that Frank Shamrock doesn’t exactly have a ground game any longer, bad knees, lackluster takedown defense, and reach disadvantage.

The real story that Strikeforce has stirred up is the state of women’s MMA.  I’m afraid to say it’s still in the dark ages too.  The women’s division is essentially a collection of bouts at catchweights.  The face of women’s MMA, Gina Carano, can not be relied on to make weight in a division that has been built around her.  To top it off, Cyborg Santos, arguably the best fighter in the division, fails to make weight.  I really hope that there’s a reason why Cyborg failed to make weight, but if this happens again then my faith about the potential of the women’s division will be rocked to the core.  The real losers in all of this are the women who are competing, making their contracted weight, and having their fighting future  possibly threatened by the stars in the division.

One thing I love about MMA is how it blends the strengths of sports and entertainment.  When fighters fail to make weight, it upsets that balance.


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