April 24, 2009

UFC Undisputed 2009 Demo Impressions

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Well, it’s finally here, the UFC Undisputed demo has been released, and finally fans of MMA have a game to represent the sport.  I’m going to bypass detailed discussions of game features as that data is more readily available and better presented elsewhere.  Without further ado..

– The game looks wonderful.  Graphically the game is immersive, the fighters look solid and appropriately built to correspond with their real life counterparts.  Blood flies and sticks to the mat.  When you has a fighter on his back against the cage, he is bent as he should be.  The little cutscenes between rounds look good, enhance the damage, and even feature accurate corners such as John Hackleman.  I’ve detected very little clipping, and a few moments of phantom movement where the replay shows an elbow connecting for a knockout rather than the punch which was thrown.  This is similar to the moments in Madden where slow motion on the replay shows a player catching a football through his own hand, or at an insane angle.  I don’t consider it to be detrimental in the slightest to the gameplay, enjoyment, or result mechanics.

-The sound is good, there’s rock music in the menus, and all the sounds you’d associate with watching a UFC event on television are there.  The opening music, weird prefight chant sounding music, and of course Goldberg and Rogan.  Video game commentary is limited, at best across the sporting genre, but UFC Undisputed actually exceeded my expectations here.  Rogan recalling Chuck’s battles with Randy Couture, and Goldberg describing the athletic background of Rua’s family, combined with the play by play was refreshing.  I expected much worse from the commentary, and while it does get repetitive, it was not a negative for the game.

-The fight itself is where the real magic happens.  First, I highly recommend completing the tutorial as this game is deep.  If you don’t complete the tutorial, then I don’t want to hear any whining about the game being to hard to pick up.  The control itself is nice, the shoulder buttons control level, and face buttons correspond to different limbs that you strike with.  Transitioning will take practice as will the ground game.  The ground game is executed very well, with most criticism coming from the fact that submissions are difficult.  My take is that neither man is really a submission fighter, we all know Chuck is a sprawl and brawl guy, and Shogun seems to use his ground game more for control to strike than submissions.  I’ll look more at submissions when I can play with Demian Maia, or another specialist more known for them.  The grapple stick works well for movement, initiation of the clinch, and takedown attempts.

All in all, I’ve got the game in my must buy list, and you should check it out.


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