April 28, 2009

The Wait is Killing Me

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Right now is something of a dead period for MMA activity.  There’s some M-1 goings on in Japan, but everyone is pissed off because the Fedor/Aoki exhibition is being blacked out until May 4th. That’s fine, I can wait, Sengoku Eighth Battle is coming up on lovely HDNet.  Unfortunately I don’t have HDNet, so I will have to seek out other ways of viewing the bouts.  It’s also kind of a downer when you realize the “Ninja of Love” isn’t matched up in the tournament bracket with “Korean Zombie” denying us a superfight of the decade.  The Sengoku event will at least feature Xande Ribeiro, Leo Santos,  Maximo Blanco, and Stanislav Nedkov.  Anyone named Stanislav is aces in my book.

Things in Japan aside, the US is always busy with regional promotions, such as the XFC (their event in Knoxville last weekend was fantastic), UWC, and Bellator (who I consider regional based upon their recent market entry).  The real event of note is just under a month away with UFC 98 Evans/Machida, but it’s still a ways off.  It looks like I’ll just be practicing the Undisputed demo in the mean time.


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