May 6, 2009

Please Just Let It Go

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I’m going to keep this simple because there’s a very special crowd salivating over the prospects of this waste of time.  Let me qualify that if this fight somehow came to be, I would watch, most likely pay to watch it.  That said, this fight should not happen, and here is why:

1.  It’s pretty obvious that in a boxing match, the boxer is going to win, and in an mma fight, the mma fighter is going to win.  RJJ even at maybe 60% of his potential outstrikes Silva in a boxing match.  RJJ could train ground fighting for a year nonstop and Silva would tap him like a college kid taps a keg.  Considering that each one is certain to be dominant at his particular discipline, the outcome isn’t as competitive as one might have you believe.

2.  RJJ agreed to fighting with MMA rules in effect.  There are concerns that Silva would handicap himself with a ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ and keep the fight standing, possibly even limiting himself only to his boxing skillset.  Should he lose, then we’ll have to listen to every annoying boxing ‘purist’ gloat about the superiority of the sweet science over this barroom cockfighting.  I can only handle so much condescension.  Besides, it’s worthless if both guys aren’t fighting at their fullest potential.

3. The UFC and MMA has nothing to gain from this; if Silva loses then MMA loses credibility against boxing, and if Silva wins the bout with MMA rules (the only way he can fight at his true potential) then he beat a guy who’s only a past his prime boxer.  It’s just like battle of the sexes in athletic competition, if the guy wins he merely beat a gal, and if the gal wins, then the guy totally lost to a girl.   It’s very likely lose-lose.  This is also relates to the Kyle Maynard situation from weeks ago.

4. This bout would put the UFC middleweight title on hold.

5.  RJJ is asking for money that’s beyond the payscale of MMA at present, and he’s not shown the ability to be a draw.  Silva isn’t the biggest PPV draw the UFC has either.  In this market, a $20 million hole is very tough to dig out of, even mainstream attention from the likes of ESPN which will circulate this fight will likely have some negative spin on it as well.

Clearly, the solution is for RJJ and Silva to train together, and have a sparring session reminiscent of the ending of Rocky III.


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