May 11, 2009

UFC Undisputed Stats Available

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UFC Undisputed stats and discussion here.

Things to note


-Frank Mir probably shouldn’t be 3 points better than his nearest competitor

-Kongo shouldn’t be above Napao for any reason other than bribery

-I might drop Arlovski a smidge considering his losses to Sylvia

-Mark Coleman’s wrestling stats better be 100.


-I love the Rashad and Lyoto equality

-Anderson may be a bit high at 205, but his fight with Forrest Griffin could make me reverse course

-I’d also say Franklin and Hendo should be a little higher, drop Liddell, and Thiago Silva a bit.

-Jardine is disgustingly low, how is that even possible?


-Maia better have 100 in his BJJ stats

-Okami is arguably equal to Hendo and Franklin (though Hendo won the fight)

-Bisping being above Marquardt is the funnies thing I’ve seen since “I’m on a Boat”

-No way I would put Amir above Wilson Gouveia


-A total travesty, Thiago Alves and Jon Fitch aren’t 92.

-Sean Sherk and Matt Hughes are laughably high

-Swick should be higher

-Rumble, Swick, and Kampmann should be higher, and Koscheck shouldn’t be riding behind Hughes and Sherk.  When are some of these stats from, 2005?


– Drop Serra and Huerta

-I would put Maynard higher

-After the way BJ demolished Sherk, and how Sherk beat Florian, those 3 are very hard to rank in relation to one another.

I know there’s tons more I’ve missed, and I’ve noticed that judo is a major minority in the game.  Overall the game is still must buy.


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