May 20, 2009

I Totally Called It

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Well this week has been much more active than last week’s down period.  Dream 9 is on the horizon, WEC Faber/Brown II is coming in early June, and of course UFC 98 is this weekend, but first there are some other developments worth watching:

– UFC Undisputed 2009 dropped on Tuesday, and it’s a blast.  A blast that has plenty of room for improvement next year.  The fighting engine has a steep learning curve, but it’s fun, offers plenty of depth, and makes for fun gaming on your own or in multiplayer.  The loading and menus are really annoying after every thing you do in career mode.  Career mode itself has been fun so far, I think the training has room for improvement, specifically the sparring and training with other camps.  I would prefer structured move setups to complete proficiently rather than being stuck fighting and having to make situations occur where I can even attempt the task list.  That said, I’d give the game a 4 out of 5.  It’s not perfect, but it’s solid and has plenty of little things that can be improved easily for next year.

–  Sam Caplan and Pat Miletich resign from WAMMA.  This is terrific news.  I’ve never been a fan of WAMMA, their velcro belts, or realy anything having to do with them.  When I first heard about their formation, I instantly thought money grab.  They never really seemed to do anything to further their legitimacy or try to grow the sport.  Hopefully they’ll go gently into the night.

– UFC 99 in Germany is under assault from the ignorant who know nothing of the sport, and are banning admittance of minors to the fights and their barbaric, seedy brutality.

– Time Warner Cable is dropping HDNet.  This means no Sengoku, Dream, HDNet Fights, regional promotions, or anything else for a lot of people.  I’m just hoping for Comcast to step up here locally.

–  Heath Herring has been replaced at UFC 99 by Cheick Kongo against Cain Velazquez.  Should be a good test for both guys, and help set the course for the heavyweight division.


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