May 21, 2009

UFC 98 Picks

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Here we go:

Dave Kaplan over George Roop – I expect Kaplan to come out fast and furious, and Roop to weather the initial storm.  After the fight settles down, Kaplan catches Roop, and works some ground and pound.  This is a lock considering Diamond Dave can’t be knocked out (see The Ultimate Fighter)

Yoshiyuki Yoshida over Brandon Wolff – I expect Zenko to take this fight easily.  Wolff has guts, I give him that after the Ben Saunders fight, but Yoshida has a little too much experience and a little too much polish for Wolff.

Krzysztof Soszynski over Andre Gusmao –  I would go nuts if Gusmao could pull this one off finishing with some slick capoeira move of some kind, but Krzysztof has been around the fight game a lot longer.  I expect The Polish Experiment to catch another kimura victory.

Kyle Bradley over Phillipe Nover – Nover is not the next Anderson Silva, but his muay thai is dangerous.  Bradley has a tighter standup game, and should have the advantage on the ground.  Nover’s best chance is to work his range and not let Bradley setup for the takedown.

Pat Berry over Tim Hague –

I will never pick against Pat Berry, and he has speculated that he has something special in store for his UFC 98 entrance.

Brock Larson over Chris Wilson – Larson has had a serious mean streak as of late, and after the armed robbery perpatrated against Wilson and his family 2 weeks ago, I wonder how much focus he’s going to have on this fight.  The UFC has signed Mike Pyle to step in if something goes awry, but Wilson is a solid professional who I expect to just get overwhelmed.

Sean Sherk over Frankie Edgar – Sherk is bigger, stronger, has great wrestling, decent boxing, and most of the edges in this fight.  Edgar has an edge in BJJ, but he’s just not sized right for this fight.  I would like to see him drop to 145 after this fight, and boost an already loaded division.

Dan Miller over Chael ” top 3 middleweight” Sonnen – I don’t know why I pick on Chael Sonnen, but I’m never going to stop.  Miller by whatever submission Chael decides to jump into this time.

Xavier Foupa-Poukam over Drew McFedries – Professor X is due a big win, and should prevail over McFedries

Matt Hughes over Matt Serra***- Oooh rivalry fight, just 1.5 years too late.  If Matt Hughes fights the way he should and utilizes his wrestling, gnp, and cardio, then he should UD Serra.  If Hughes decides to stand and bang, then I immediately change my mind and pick Serra.  I don’t think Serra’s ground game (i.e. fighting off his back) will be a factor in this fight.

Lyoto Machida over Rashad Evans – Rashad has really developed his standup and his speed makes him the biggest threat to Machida.  That said, I think Machida’s technique is stronger, he has more ways to win the fight,  and his recent inclusion of real strength/power training means we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to his power.  He works well in the clinch, has avoided plenty of takedowns, and is patient picking his spots.  New champ on Saturday.


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