May 28, 2009

The Only Downside of Machida’s Victory…

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… has been listening to SOME traditional martial arts practitioners (though aren’t boxing, wrestling, BJJ, and muay thai traditional?) begin spewing hyperbole along the lines of Shotokan being the real winner of Machida’s fight.  Really?  I guess his excellent athletic characteristics meant nothing.  His prefight planning was nonexistent, he probably didn’t even watch any tape of Rashad.  His experience training in other arts such as sumo, muay thai, bjj, etc. had nothing to do with his approach.

Seriously though, I think Lyoto Machida is a tremendous asset for the sport, his style is uniquely his own.  The fact that he’s trained in Shotokan since age 3 should not take away from his other training, and coaching he has received.  I see his karate as being the biggest influence in his style -spiritually, strategically, and with impacts on his timing, footwork, and general acumen.  That said, all of the discussion I have read ignores the fact that Lyoto may claim a Shotokan base, but he’s a true mixed martial artist.  I’ve seen people claim that you can’t learn footwork and timing from styles liking western boxing (sigh).  Every facet of Lyoto’s style has been impacted by everything he’s done.  His footwork is influenced by his karate, muay thai, and sumo training.  His clinch work is influenced from the sumo, bjj, muay thai, and karate.

All of this talk about the applicability of shotokan to MMA forsakes the fighters touch and ability to apply his knowledge.  Knowledge he’s spent years acquiring, mixing, and combining with other knowledge he’s acquired of other styles in conjunction with his physicality.  Let’s not oversimplify the unique effectiveness that Machida has made his own.


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