May 31, 2009

Food for Thought

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There are some things developing that’ll we’ll hopefully be hearing more about in the coming days.  Let’s not forget about Brown/Faber II next Sunday night, Strikeforce on Saturday, and Bellator on Friday.  Should be hard hitting…

–  Josh Koscheck against Matt Hughes or Frank Trigg –   This is a great fight for Kos, he should be able to handle either matchup at this point.  His wrestling is too solid and his striking is improving.  I don’t see him losing unless it’s to freak knockout.  Besides, any chance to see this possible celebration pose is high entertainment


– UFC Undisputed 2010 announced –  This is excellent news, 2009 has set the stage with a solid product that has huge potential, room for improvement, and a solid game engine.   Hopefully a few tweaks to the online setup (to purge disconnectors), increased menu speed (and removing redundant constant loading/saving slowdown), and tweaked roster and combat should lead to a 5 out of 5 game.

Shogun vs. Lyoto Machida for the 205 belt –  This will be a fun fight to watch, will Shogun continue his return to form, or is Machida just beginning to show us his true potential?  Shogun offers some different challenges that Rampage and Rashad don’t offer, but I still think that the fight is Machida’s to lose.  The real question is who is the next number 1 contender after the fight?  Rampage is retooling a little to his slam and pound style and is tied up with Rashad until 2010.  Will he be able to turn around quickly after a win?  What if Rashad wins?


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