June 1, 2009

A Case of the Mondays

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  • After two losses Xavier Foupa-Pokam “Professor X” has been released from the UFC.  I think that anybody who has been paying attention knew that this was inevitable after his previous performances.  If you can’t hang with Drew McFedries for at least a round, then you aren’t ready for the big show.  Professor X is still an exciting prospect, hopefully he can get picked up by Strikeforce, Dream, or maybe even a slot on the Affliction Trilogy card.
  • It looks like Gegard Mousasi will be facing Babalu at Affliction Trilogy.  This is a very interesting bout, Babalu is not an easy opponent to get around, but Mousasi has been on a tear.  The competition he has faced is a bit uninspiring, but this should be a close fight.  I would expect Babalu to be the favorite from a betting standpoint meaning Mousasi may turn out to be a wonderful underdog play.  This Affliction card is looking to be very watchable, will they be able to pull it off as advertised?  If so, will they have enough in the tank to put on another show?
  • EA has finally announced its foray into the world of MMA. This is going to be very welcome competition to the marketplace.  There’s only one problem: the lack of the UFC license.  There are plenty of fighters out there EA can try to license into the franchise, but the face of MMA to many gamers and casual fans is the UFC.  Will a game touting stars like Mayhem Miller and Jacare be successful commercially?  The next possible snag is getting the game engine right.  THQ/Yukes did an excellent job setting the stage with Undisputed, the game is an absolute blast even considering its minor annoyances.  Can EA put together a game that plays just as well if not better?  The other gorilla in the room is THQ’s agreement with the UFC being over possibly in 2011.  Does EA make a run for the license?
  • Satoshi Ishii has signed a deal with Sengoku.  This is good news for Sengoku, it gives them a potential star to push.  The only problem is that Ishii is completely unproven, he’s only trained with pretty much every camp in the western hemisphere for a few weeks at a time.  Will Sengoku give fights against appropriate competition, or are they going to try and see how he does against  Fedor?

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