June 30, 2009

Spectacular Troll or Outright Delusion?

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I know that prefight talk coming from camps has little to do with how a fighter is going to fight in a given bout.  That said, when an interviewer has that recorder running, some people say really wild stuff.  Since there’s not been much news lately, everyone gets all wound up over either a calculated ploy or questionable decision making.  The offender?  Why none other than the Whoolfslayre fight camp

Fighter’s Only

Bloody Elbow’s Leland Roling


“He will take Dan Henderson down more than one time in the fight. He will, that’s how he is going to win the fight. That is how I see it. When they start trading I think Mike will win the scrambles. Dan is a great scrambler but in a scramble situation I think Mike is going to come out on top every time. [Bisping] is fighting a guy that I have competed against, in the sense that Rampage fought him before. What I have done is basically helped him complete his strategy for the fight. Wrestling-wise I am probably one of the best MMA-wrestling trainers in the world at the moment. There is no doubt in my mind that he will end this fight before the third round.”

-Zach Light – Wolfslair Wrestling Coach

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the same man who has coached Bisping’s wrestling against Rashad Evans, Matt Hamill, and led Cheick Kongo to the grinder against Cain Velazquez (Kongo did step up on short notice, but Velazquez’s plan wasn’t a question mark and Kongo has had the ground deficiency as a weakness for a while).   Light is a good wrestler and coach, but to say Bisping is going to outwrestle Dan Henderson is a reach.  Bisping may have the advantage in scrambles and standing, but wrestling is Hendo’s game.  We’re in for a great fight…



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