July 20, 2009

News and Notes 7/20/09

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Lots of surprise, speculation, and some frustration.  Also, I’ve started training BJJ recently, and I have to say that I regret not starting sooner.  Every bit of is wonderful.  Now here we go:

-Hendo vs. Franklin II – Call me unexcited.  I really enjoyed the first fight between the two, but I thought Henderson proved himself with his takedowns, passes, and close to call standup.  Franklin used to be my favorite fighter, but from the interviews that I have seen, he seems a little bitter about this loss.  It’s been a bit of a disappointment, and I hope he has used the experience for positive motivation.  Right now, I’m going with Henderson.  He’s got knockout power, the better ground game, and his clinch work speaks for itself.  Franklin has been working with Matt Hume trying to become a more complete MMA fighter, but he looked uncomfortable on his back in the last fight between the two.  That said, the rematch is a bit underwhelming for the UFC 103 main event, and Tito would’ve been more interesting.  I can’t believe that I just typed that, let me try again:  Rich Franklin vs Luis Cane would’ve been the best match possible.

–  Well, I managed to work Tito Ortiz into the last paragraph, and I think that may be the first time I’ve ever mentioned him on the blog.  I was doing so well….  Joking aside, the man is polarizing, puts people in seats, and is a solid test for any contender.  I’m not even touching the crazy talk and financial issues.  That’s a post by itself.

– Hellboy Hansen vs. Aoki III – The rubber match.  Anytime Hellboy fights is a good time.  ‘Nuff said.

– Dream 10 was a little nuts with all the head kicking and all.  Filho looked flat, I still need to watch all the fights.

-GSP not needing surgery is great news.  I was worried about the prospects for cards at the end of the year, not to mention that some guys aren’t the same after surgery.


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