July 22, 2009

What Were You Thinking?

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So, I went to bed last night, wake up this morning, and very nearly fell out of my chair.  Josh Barnett tests positive for a banned substance? This puts Affliction in a really crummy spot.  The CSAC issues a statement.    Affliction is now on their heels and scrambling for a replacement.  Strikeforce rules out Brett Rogers or Fabricio Werdum.  The word is that Bobby Lashley has refused the bout on short notice, so Affliction is looking at possibly breaking up what could possibly be fight of the night by pulling Vitor Belfor out of his bout with Jorge Santiago. Other conjecture is Jeff Monson.  I’m eagerly awaiting who the replacement will be:

Here’s some of the rundown so far:



Logistical changes aside, what does this do for Josh Barnett?  He’s going to appeal.  That will be a huge time and financial expense, especially for a guy who has 1 strike on his record.  This very well could spell the end of Barnett fighting on American soil.  Even if he rides out a suspension, he is compromised as a top-tier heavyweight for any promotor who needs a competitve heavyweight (UFC, Strikeforce, Affliction) in the US.  He’s going to have a long road to redemption, and this means we may see him jump into more pro wrestling or fight exclusively in Japan (which if he does while suspended will really piss off CSAC).  Hopefully, he’ll get some better news tomorrow….



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