July 27, 2009

News and Notes 7/27/09

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The Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) has a few items on its agenda –  The terms currently proposed for instant replay appear well designed at first glance.  They are limited in scope and minimize bloat by referring to other existing regulations.  The only item that I’m unsure of is the potential to have 5 round nontitle fights.  The intended design appears to be to increase the number finishes versus judges decisions.  Hardcores also argue that this provision gives nontitle fights more time to flesh out towards an appropriate outcome citing bouts like Henderson/Franklin and Guida/any other lightweight.

I’d rather keep things asis for right now.  Let the commission and promotors focus on doing a few things correctly, and doing proper integration of new rules.  Adding 2 rounds to nontitle main events means we’re going to see more gassing, increased chance of injury,  and title fights might lose a little luster.  One intriguing proposal has been that number 1 contender matches could be the target of championship round additions, but there isn’t a viewable ranking system in place for most promotions.  Moving on…

-Babalu vs. Mousasi has been moved from the Affliction III card to the Strikeforce Aug. 15th event. This is great news, a high quality fight getting saved from the mayhem of last week is welcome news.  My questions will come down to conditioning…wasn’t the Affliction bout a 3 rounder?  If so, and this is for the Strikeforce LHW title, then what role will conditioning play?  What kind of contract has Mousasi signed?  This was a great play by Strikeforce.


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