August 3, 2009

Redundant Post Discussing Fedor Going to Strikeforce

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Well, it’s time for another episode of “Beverly Fedor 90210”.   The announcement today of Fedor going to Strikeforce is huge, and not something I would have expected to happen so quickly.  The Fedor saga has cast a shadow on the scene and been the discussion topic of choice for most fans.  I definitely do not want this event to overshadow some of the other happenings lately…

-All the Affliction signings (Vitor, Rafello ‘Tractor’ Oliveira, Paul ‘Semtex’ Daley, etc)

-Tito Ortiz’s return

-This weekend’s WEC/UFC cards

Sengoku IX coverage

Fedor going to Strikeforce is huge news because of the potential matchups with Brett Rogers, Fabricio Werdum, or of course Alistair Overeem (the true heavyweight king, discuss).  Outside of those fights, what more do they have to offer?  Paul Buentello or potential rematches with Tim Sylvia and Arlovski.  There’s no interest for that.  Strikeforce has been very slick in how they’ve positioned themselves to not draw any ill will from the UFC.  They had been growing in a profitable manner, and now they’ve  painted a bullseye on themselves.  Signing Fedor makes all of the MMA hardcores happy, but can anyone point to any true evidence of him being truly worth the risks of copromotion, a leading edge compensation package,  and the ire of a competitor?  We need to face facts and realize the best heavyweight MMA fighter of all time also has the status of being a financial loss leader.  We’ll see how it turns out….


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