August 5, 2009

MMA Thoughts

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The Association of Boxing Commissions held its annual conference, and announced some clarifications regarding striking the back of the head.

“Strikes are not permissible in the nape of the neck area up until the top of the ears. Above the ears, permissible strikes do not include the Mohawk area from the top of the ears up until the crown of the head. The crown of the head is found where the head begins to curve.

In other words, strikes behind the crown of the head and above the ears are not permissible within the Mohawk area. Strikes below the top of the ear are not permissible within the nape of the neck area.”

I can dig that, no problems there.  Also, making me happy is that they are not going to screw with weight classes.  There was clarification regarding 5 minute periods after accidental low blows and regarding downward elbow strikes, but I’ll jump into that discussion when it is relating to a current event.

Shifting gears into high comedy:


In the picture on the shirt, he’s wearing the t-shirt too…

There’s a storm brewing between the UFC and Strikeforce, first the Fedor signing and now issues with Gegard Mousasi (was he really misled about contract options), my interest lies in seeing if the UFC goes into full on competition mode with Scott Coker.  I would expect them to utilize countermeasures such as counter programming against Strikeforce events, escalating salaries to lure away talent and pricing Strikeforce out of the ballpark, and by pushing harder for a network deal of some kind.   The general perception among most casual fans is that the UFC is the major leagues of mixed martial arts, has the best talent, and offers the biggest star exposure.  Dana and co. will be more than happy to leverage their advantages here…

Speaking of Strikeforce, they’ve done a good job lately of being aggressive in acquiring talent and trying to shore up weaknesses by co-promoting with DREAM.  My concerns with the organization previously have been that they were riding closer to the event end of things by putting on more fights that lacked organizational background and seemingly throwing things together.  Currently they seem to be pushing more towards being a cohesive league with a background lineage in their divisions.  A weakness that needs to be addressed is their champions, Cung Le is making movies, Overeem is hurt, and Diaz and Shields are jumping around all over the place.  An aggressive organization that can take Diaz and Shields would really hurt Strikeforce (though they still have some solid competitors).

I leave you with one of the all time great entrances….


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