August 17, 2009

Strikeforce Meh

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I’m looking to keep this brief so here goes:

-Carano vs. Cyborg has shown that women’s MMA should be appreciated, respected, encouraged, and not headlining the card of the number 2 promotion in the United States.  Hopefully this will quiet down the Carano force feeding that the media has been giving us, and we can watch Cyborg defend her title without listening to hyperbole about bouts that will change MMA forever.

-I was a little disappointed with the product that was put out on Saturday night.  First, we don’t get the Hieron/Taylor fight which was at least well balanced.  Werdum subbing Kyle was expected, and thankfully ocurred in the first round, but we didn’t get any more content.  We got more talking, and it was lackluster chatter at best.

-Ishida and Melendez was another competitive fight, and I wonder what Ishida could’ve done with an actual training camp for the fight.

-The real main event for me was Babalu vs. Mousasi.  Mousasi is the real deal folks. If you haven’t watched any of Gegard’s fights, then please take a few minutes and watch.  You’ll be glad you did.


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