September 8, 2009

Tidbits for 9/8/09

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Oooh a post, now you can sleep better at night:

Gina Carano is going to be starring in a movie. It’s going to be directed by Steven Soderbergh.  Women’s MMA and its potential for relative mainstream appeal appears to be faltering.  She is the ‘sizzle’ of the sport, while Cyborg  provides the ‘steak’.  The real question is whether or not women’s MMA can be commercially viable with more competitive matchups that are lacking the big name appeal that Carano can bring.

The UFC inked a network deal in the UK.  Since I don’t live in the UK, I am unaffected by this news.  That said, more quality fights in front of a wider audience is good for everyone.

Jean Claude Van Damme to fight professionally? Boy howdy, I believe we’ve found an opponent that can truly challenge Fedor.  Imagine the pageantry, the M-1 copromotion, JCVD could be a hidden character in the new EA MMA game, the potential is endless.  Wait, it’s a Muay Thai fight?  Oh well, if he wins can compete against Overeem in K-1 and really hose the Strikeforce heavyweight picture.  Kumite!

The Ultimate Fighter 10 starts next week.  Here’s where you can get some preliminary information:  SpikeTV


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